Gudetama - 3D Print

Flore vanackere gudetama 01
Flore vanackere gudetama 02
Flore vanackere gudetama 03
Flore vanackere gudetama 04
Flore vanackere gudetama 05
Flore vanackere img 20181222 140951

Put too much paint on his mouth..

Flore vanackere img 20181225 180355

You can't really feel any bumps on them but the larger lines are still visible sadly enough. Paint on the leg was a bit ruined because that's where I held them in place while spray painting.

Here is a quick Gudetama model I did in zbrush and then 3d printed by a colleague as a holiday gift.
I made two variations with each there egg bed, and then one larger bed for both the models.
Rendered in Iray.
I used to paint miniatures all the time when I was a teenager, so it was fun to do this again.

December 28, 2018