Hunting Simulator


During my time at Neopica I worked on Hunting Simulator mainly as a level decorator. I was responsible for decorating 2 levels from scratch. The Scotthish Highlands map and the French Oak map. I also helped redecorating 3 other maps.

During the development time I learned a lot. Also on how we could potentially improve the workflows we used then for the future.

I was also responsible for some asset creation/authoring, such as materials, setting up LOD's and collisions and a whole lot of other smaller tasks.
I also created some work in UE4's blueprints code. Such as the dynamic ambient audio and particle spawning you see in some maps(birds, leaves).

Also credits to the other people of the art team:  Lennert Schelpe, Stefan Kubicek, Vincent Vangeel, Hans Van der Zee and the Rabcat team.